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Our Appraisal division evolved as needed to determine the value of real estate managed during the early years of the company.  From its beginning the company specialized in Agricultural properties, and with the first loan request, or desire by a client to sell his holdings, an appraisal was required.  The appraisal division has always worked in concert with the loan and real estate divisions of the company complimenting their expertise in their respective disciplines.

Clients include banks, insurance companies, accountants, attorneys, estate planners, municipalities, irrigation districts, school districts, governmental agencies, churches and individuals with valuation requests.

All appraisals are completed in accordance with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) regulations and guidelines.


Our professional appraisers have a solid knowledge of the market and trends that affect values and are either State Certified or Designated by an appraisal organization.  Because today's appraisal environment requires a high level of expertise and creativity, our appraisers are enrolled in continuing education classes.

Appraisal Purposes

Any individual or entity needing a profession appraisal can use the services of HRM as many business and personal decisions re incomplete until the results of a qualified appraiser's efforts are received.  Some uses for an appraisal are selling or buying a property, gifting and estate planning, taxation issues, dissolutions of partnerships or corporations, financing or liquidating assets, insurance and conservation easements or planning.

Types of Appraisal Reports

An appraisal report can be either Complete or Limited in scope, depending on use and/or user.  The report is limited when not all of the approaches to value are used.  This is known as "departure from the normal methodology of appraising" and will be addressed under the guidelines of USPAP.

Cost of an Appraisal

The cost of an appraisal is based on the time, expense and scope to complete an appraisal assignment.

Why use HRM Appraisal Services?

  HRM appraisers are trained and specialize in Agricultural and Agribusiness properties.
  HRM appraisers maintain their level of expertise through continuing education and hands-on experience by completing a variety of appraisals every year.
  HRM appraisals are completed under the guidelines and standards of various professional appraisal organizations and in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice; the most widely recognized standard in the real estate appraisal industry.
  HRM appraisers have up-to-date market databases and access to regional sales data from our own real estate division.
  HRM cooperates with other appraisers on an industry wide basis to gain information and to broaden their appraisal skills.
  HRM appraisals are competitively priced.
  HRM appraisals are completed in a timely and professional manner.
  HRM appraisals can be completed with the assistance of other qualified and competent appraisers on more complex appraisal cases to meet deadlines and assure the client of a quality product, should the need arise.




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