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Consulting Services

HRM has a history of dealing with specific agricultural challenges in a practical and successful manner.  We are able to draw on our associates with extensive agricultural knowledge, with combined experience of over 175 years.  The company is employed by institutional investors and individuals to manage specific areas related to their agricultural investments.  In addition to general agricultural consulting, HRM offers a variety of other services.

Court-Appointed Receiverships

As a court-appointed receiver, HRM coordinates communications between the institutions or individuals, and we work diligently to maintain the asset value and the continuance of the operation of the property or business in question.

Loan Portfolio Servicing & Review

As the field servicer, HRM responsibilities include property inspections, including any significant changes in condition of the property, collection of payments due and, if necessary, act on behalf of the lender to initiate and guide the foreclosure process.

Portfolio Review

HRM has also acted as property portfolio reviewer.  Responsibilities in these cases are to inspect the overall portfolio, reviewing the methodology used in the appraisals and the overall management given to the portfolio.  During these reviews, the company inspects properties on a random basis and review file information to insure the adequacy of the security.

Expert Testimony

On many occasions, staff of HRM has been called to testify in court as an expert in their various fields of discipline.

Arbitrator Responsibilities

The company of HRM, as well as selected staff individuals, has acted as arbitrators in agricultural disputes.  The company reputation of honesty and integrity has enabled us to be successful with this endeavor.




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